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To be at the forefront of the fight against violence, sexual exploitation and injustice against girls in Brazil.


To defend the rights and aid the wholesome development of girls who are at risk from, or victims of, violence and sexual exploitation.


To promote actions which combat abuse and exploitation, and provide to girls the means to live creative and meaningful lives.

We Use Dance To Reach Them

Dance is one of the ways we bring hope to girls who have been robbed of their worth and self-esteem. Through movement, expression and public performances, the girls find the confidence and freedom to change and look to a future of meaning and purpose.

We Work Where No-One Else Does

Despite the epidemic of child sexual exploitation in remote towns along the BR-116, there are few if any social projects reaching out to the girls. In some towns were have been the first ever.


Meninadança was first born on the streets of Belo Horizonte, reaching out to girls living on the streets of the big city.

But 2011, after meeting a young girl selling her body on the BR-116, our focus switched to girls caught up in the untold scandal of child prostitution on Brazil’s longest highway.

Read about our journey so far here.



Meninadança is made up of people who are passionate about using their gifts and talents to bring hope to girls.

Working together, our different teams – some based hundreds of miles apart – help make keep our dream of bringing an end to child sexual exploitation and trafficking on the BR-116 alive.

Get to know where our teams our and what they do.



Matt Roper’s book about the tragedy of child prostitution on Brazil’s BR-116 motorway, and how Meninadança began reaching out to girls.

Matt and Canadian country singer Dean Brody travel over over 1,500 miles along the highway, finding entire communities living from child sexual exploitation, where parents sell their own daughters and those in authority turn a blind eye.

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