Donate Adopt a km


Whatever the size of your business or your capacity to contribute, we are interested in forming meaningful partnerships which will ensure maximum benefit for both sides.


Yours business could parter with us by:

  • Making us your ‘charity of the year’
  • Regular monthly donations
  • Employee fundraising
  • Pro-bono support
  • One of our ‘ownership’ opportunities in Brazil, such as sponsoring a dance group, project or employee, or purchasing equipment or property
  • Any other ideas you may have


We can visit your premises to present Meninadança’s work, support fundraising efforts and help maximise opportunities for publicity and media exposure locally and nationally.


We are keen to find law firms and other legal services organisations interested in supporting our Justice Team, which defends and protects girls through legal channels and brings cases of abuse and exploitation before the courts.


Your firm could, for example:

  • Sponsor one of our lawyers by providing their monthly salary
  • Fund one or more legal cases per year
  • Support the team with one-off or monthly donations


We can present our work to your employees, support fundraising efforts and facilitate meaningful connections between you and our lawyers in Brazil.





Churches, clubs and other interested groups can partner with us by adopting the charity for a year or more, taking part in fundraising challenges together or through individual members giving monthly.

Your members will develop a personal connection to the work and be able to see the difference they are making in girls’ lives.


We can come and give presentations and updates, and facilitate interactions with the Pink Houses such as exchanging letters and live web chats.


Schools, colleges and other learning centres can partner with us by adopting Meninadança as their chosen charity for a year or more, or by involving students and staff in fund-raising activities.

Partnerships involve students and their families in a shared cause, while increasing their awareness of issues of poverty and in justice around the world.


We can provide educational resources as well as take assemblies and classes, facilitate interactions with the Pink Houses such as exchanging letters with the girls and live web chats, and involve your students in campaigns and events throughout the year.

We’d love to discuss how we can partner together and help bring hope to girls in Brazil!