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The 7,000 truck drivers who will protect girls on the highways

It is something we never could have imagined when Meninadança began its journey on the BR-116 nearly 12 years ago.  

Back then, the tragedy of sexual exploitation seemed impossibly vast and endemic, although we were determined to try to change it. Now, though, a partnership between Meninadança and one of Brazil’s largest haulage firms could bring lasting change. 

Grupo SADA has over 7,000 truck drivers who travel every day along the country’s motorways, of which the BR-116 is the longest and busiest.

We have found the leadership of Grupo SADA to be deeply concerned about the exploitation of children along Brazil’s roads, and who themselves, after getting to know our work and cause, believe they have found their natural partners in Meninadança.

The trucking company has proposed training up all their drivers to become ‘agents of protection’, who will report and intervene when they see children being trafficked or exploited, as well as educate other drivers. We will be involved in this ongoing training which we believe could change the landscape of sexual exploitation on Brazil’s motorways. As leading members of Brazil’s truckers’ association, they also want to extend this to many thousands of other truck drivers over the coming years.

SADA is also providing part-funding for our new Pink House in Ponto dos Volantes, which will transform the lives of hundreds of girls whose innocence has been stolen on the motorway.