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“I received much more than I could give”

Tiia Karvinen, from Finland, spent three months volunteering at our Pink Houses this year. Here’s her report…

I didn’t know much of what to expect of my time volunteering with Meninadança, but I can say it was even better than I could have dreamed of. The number of new friendships I made in all the towns, how well I was taken care of and how much I got to learn from each Pink House team makes me very thankful. I knew that even though I was going to Meninadança to serve, I would receive so much more than I could ever give. 

Meeting the girls and getting to know them was the highlight of my time with Meninadança. I had such good moments together with the girls teaching dance, participating in theatre, arts and crafts and the other activities at the Pink Houses. 

The stories I got to hear from the team about some of the girls’ lives were heartbreaking and unimaginable. Seeing the girls at the Pink Houses smiling and having fun one could never imagine what some of them have gone through. Hearing how far many of the girls have come since they started to attend the Pink Houses just highlighted the importance of the work of Meninadança. 

I am writing this on my last day with Meninadança. Filled with gratitude and missing my friends and the girls in all the towns, I’m already planning when I can come back!