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The Pink Houses: Where girls find their inner strength

When girls step through the doors of our Pink Houses they first find refuge, safety and people who genuinely love and care for them.

But it isn’t long before they begin to discover something more – inner strength, courage and self-belief. Girls soon find a sense of purpose, and a determination to fight for a future they deserve.

So much happens in the Pink Houses that contributes to this transformation – from the dance lessons and beauty therapy to conversation circles, sessions with our psychologists, informal chats with staff, special events, outside performances and a particular care for the girls’ mothers.

Each of our Pink Houses follows monthly and weekly themes planned to cater to the specific needs of the girls and their communities. Every day our staff approach these often difficult themes in creative and caring ways.

For instance, during a week on ‘freedom from the past’ in Medina, dance teacher Nayara encouraged the girls to dance  as if they were carrying on their shoulders the issue that was stopping them from being free. The activity helped the girls open up about the traumas that prevented them from looking forwards. And recently in Cândido Sales the girls took part in an activity where they took a time machine back to their pasts, and forwards to their futures.  Pink House coordinator Keyla said: “Many became emotional as they reconnected with painful childhood memories from their past. We talked about asking for help and healing those wounds, so that they can look forward to a future where their dreams come true.”