The Girls – First and Foremost

Our Pink Houses in Medina, northern Minas Gerais state, and Cândido Sales, Bahia state, each work with around 70 girls, aged 10-17, living in situations of risk and vulnerability.

Using dance, alongside other girl-specific therapies, in a safe environment and a space just for them, the girls are encouraged to lower their defenses, discover their inner beauty and potential, and face the future with confidence and without fear.

Our team of educators and professionals identify and address needs and issues, helping the girls overcome their difficulties and past traumas, and resume a healthy development towards adulthood.



Their Families – Securing Lasting Change

Our Community Outreach Teams assist the girls’ parents and siblings, providing material help where needed and other types of support.

We also put on family get-togethers, weekend retreats, mom Zumba classes and other workshops, promoting change and reconciliation and consolidating our work with the girls.

The teams also connect with girls outside Pink House hours, in their homes or on the streets, reaching out and building up trust.

Their Communities – Breaking The Cycle

Our Changing Minds Programme engages with the wider community to encourage people to see and treat girls differently.

Through community meetings, cultural events, and street art – among many other approaches – we aim to encourage local people to rethink entrenched attitudes and behaviors, and challenge a cultural acceptance of sexual violence and exploitation.

We also take Changing Minds into other towns along the BR-116, through high-profile open-air events and visits to schools and social projects.



The Wider World – Getting The Message Out

Our Project 116 aims to raise awareness of the plight of girls along Brazil’s rural highways at a national and international level, and campaign for action.

We hope that, by drawing attention the tragedy, we can help reverse a lack of interest and investment from both government and non-governmental organizations, and bring about lasting change.

We aim to provide training, advice and resources for others who desire to try to tackle the problem. We also have a team of volunteer lawyers who act on individual cases of abuse or exploitation.

Our Objectives

To rescue girls from danger

To provide safety and security to vulnerable young girls, removing them from situations of danger, abuse or exploitation.

To heal and restore

To have a tangible, lasting effect on young lives, allowing girls to overcome their past, achieve their potential and look forward to fulfilled and meaningful lives.

To empower

To empower girls to change their own lives, believe in their own ability and give them the life skills to live with confidence and without fear.

To break the cycle of poverty

By changing the direction of one girl’s life, to have a transforming effect on generations to come.

To focus on the family

Believing that, just as a girl’s family situation can be part of the problem, change and reconciliation within her family is also part of the solution.

To partner with communities

Knowing that tackling the wider issues and entrenched attitudes which leave girls unvalued and vulnerable is the key to bringing lasting change.