Meninadança’s ‘Changing Minds’ programme aims to encourage those living in communities where we work to rethink entrenched attitudes which often leave girls unvalued or vulnerable to abuse or exploitation.

Our latest effort to put across the message in Medina was this video, using a theme created by Scottish volunteer artist Kim Alexander.

The film used a series of pictures, idealised by Kim, to show how at-risk girls are often unseen by their communities, and how their plight goes unnoticed or ignored by so many.

The photos also portrayed the sentiments expressed by many girls in the Pink House: I exist. Can you see me? Can you hear me? Open your eyes. Listen to me. Speak for me. See me. Hear me.  Love me. Open your heart.


As Kim says: “This idea had developed from conversations about how a huge problem for many victims of abuse or neglect is not being seen or heard.

“In going unnoticed or ignored victims are treated as if they have no value and are deprived of their voice, left to suffer long term in silence, without support of hope.”

The video was presented at an outdoor event in one of Medina’s main squares, when we invited spectators to look again at their town, and consider who in their community they are ignoring – or not seeing for who they really are.

The girls also read out poems they had written themselves, asking people to look at them differently, to value them, to not see them as objects or problems, but for their potential, as the hope for the future of the town.

The video had a powerful effect on those who watched it.. check it out here:


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