For two weeks in August the eyes of the world will be on Brazil as Rio de Janeiro hosts the 2016 Olympic Games.

But although the spotlight will be on the country, the thousands of victims of child prostitution along the BR-116, Brazil’s ‘exploitation highway’, will remain forgotten.

We hope to do something to change that.

During July 19-22, two weeks before the Games start, a team from Meninadança will be walking the 97km stretch of the BR-116 between our two projects, Medina in Minas Gerais state and Cândido Sales in Bahia state.

It is a notorious and dangerous stretch of motorway which, according to police statistics, has the greatest number of child prostitution spots of any part of the country.

Along the three-day walk we will be doing events and handing out leaflets at gas stations and truck parks, school assemblies, meetings with local authorities and evening presentations in town squares – confronting the ingrained acceptance of child sexual exploitation as well as calling attention to the problem.

We will also be tying pink ribbons on every km sign along the highway, printed with the name of those of you who have pledged to sponsor that particular km.

We believe the ribbons, tied to every sign along the 97km stretch, will send a powerful message to the region that its young victims of abuse and prostitution are no longer alone and that there are people who will not allow them to be forgotten.


Please help us CARRY THE TORCH for Brazil’s forgotten victims by…



Can you sponsor one of the 97 km from Medina to Cândido Sales for £20 a month, for a year’s commitment?

Your monthly donation will help us reach and rescue vulnerable young girls at our new project in Cândido Sales. During our walk we will tie a pink ribbon to every km sign along the way, printed with the name of the person sponsoring that particular km. And you will also receive a personalised mug with a photo of your sign, as well as knowing your donation is bringing hope to girls in desperate need

Click here to find out how you can sponsor a kilometre or contact us at .



Can you put on a summer garden party at your home, church or elsewhere, before or during the Olympics? It could have an Olympic theme, with competitions and races, or just a fun get-together, or perhaps a barbecue?

We will provide resources to help you put on your event, including cards for people to take home and find out more about the reason behind it. We just ask one thing – that you buy a DIY shop garden torch and keep it lit during your entire event.

If you can put on a garden party, please email us at including your address and the estimated date of your event, so we can send you an information pack.




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