We recently unveiled a huge, eye-catching mural painted on an abandoned wall in front of one of Medina’s main squares.

Entitled ‘Open Your Eyes: Your Look Can Transform Our Lives’ and created by volunteer Scottish artist Kim Alexander, it was inspired by conversations in the Pink House, where girls expressed a desire for people in their town to look at them and treat them differently.



The mural features ribbons in the colours of Medina’s flag, on which each of the girls painted an eye in the colours and style they wished.

It also shows figures, representing people from different districts of Medina, coming together to change their town. In the painting the people turn into jigsaw pieces which fit together to form two hands releasing doves of peace.

The wall, part of our Changing Minds programme, not only shows how something forgotten and abandoned can be transformed into something of beauty and value, but will also send out a message for years to come.

Town dignitaries, VIPS and the girls families were visibly moved as we unveiled the mural at a special event, where the girls danced and read poems they had written themselves, and we showed videos asking people to look differently at their town, and their teenage girls. The town’s vice-mayor also gave a speech, and assured Meninadança of his support for our work.

Here’s an amazing time-lapsed video of the wall being painted!

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  1. How inspiring! I have just finished reading Matt Roper’s book, “Highway to Hell”, and learned about this amazing ministry! God richly bless, use and resource you as you work to transform these precious young lives…..

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