Matt Roper’s new book, Highway to Hell, documents the plight of girls trapped in child prostitution along the BR-116, and the story of Meninadança’s attempts to rescue them.

We truly hope this book will help bring international attention to a tragedy which has remained hidden and unreported, its victims unheard and unprotected, for so long.

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When British journalist Matt Roper and Canadian country singer Dean Brody turn onto a remote Brazilian highway, they have no idea that their lives are about to change forever. A chance encounter with a young girl, selling her body beside the road in the early morning, alerts them to an untold tragedy – thousands of girls, some as young as ten, trapped in prostitution. Travelling over 1,500 miles along the BR-116, they find entire communities living from child sexual exploitation, where parents sell their own daughters and those in authority turn a blind eye. Their shock leads to action – to bring hope, healing and justice to traumatised young lives.



What Others Are Saying

“This is a truly important book and a must-read for anyone who cares about justice for the poor and vulnerable. Matt takes us into the darkest of places, shining an unforgiving light on a horrendous tragedy, involving girls as young as ten trapped in a cruel adult world. Prepare to be heartbroken by their stories, angered and appalled at the evil being done to them. Like me, you will be gutted to read of the suffering of these most vulnerable of victims, but you will also be heartened and inspired by Matt and his team’s creative attempts to bring them hope. Over the next few years Brazil is going to be a focus of the world ́s attention. The scandal of child prostitution on the country’s longest motorway can no longer go unspoken. This book should be the start of an international effort to bring it to an end.”

Steve Chalke, UN Special Advisor on Community Action Against Human Trafficking

“Compelling and poignant reportage that painstakingly exposes Brazil’s darkest secret. Matt Roper is that rare journalist who didn’t turn his back on the trauma and misery he witnessed for the adrenaline rush of the next deadline. In parts heart-breaking, in others uplifting, this is a story that needs to be told.”

Oliver Harvey, The Sun

“Few journalists remain this committed to exposing an issue. Once you get your headlines it is all too easy to move on to the next big expose. Not only is this a dark side of Brazil that Matt continues to highlight with passion, but his writing takes you so vividly into children’s lives. You are unable to stop thinking about them. Few books can do that.”

Chris Rogers, BBC Panorama, newsreader and investigative journalist


5 Responses to “Highway to Hell – Write Your Review”

  1. I want to help those girl, I also is a girl. I saw that girl in the video said ” My first time is my dad!” OMG i want to cry.They just want food ,the food is basic needs for people. They are too poor! I want to help them. Let them have a new life , a colorful life.What can i do ?

    • Hi Zoe! We are working with girls just like the one in the video. You can help change their lives, by donating, by becoming a project partner by giving monthly, or by fundraising for us. Go to the ‘donate’ page to find out more. Thank you!

  2. See our review and next steps from reading Highway to Hell in less than a 24-hour period! A real-page turner, filling the heart with sadness and a vivid optimistic set of ideas to help what Meninadança has already done…


  3. Hi Matt,

    I am reading your book and have been stirred enormously. (that is putting it lightly) I asked God what can I do and I started praying. God asked me to call on the warring, guarding, worshipping and ministering Angels I saw a line of mighty angels assigned all along highway BR 116. The glory and power of our almighty was shining out, I asked God what next and as I was praying, God showed me Angels with linked arms. I kept praying, Then I saw the angels standing with each 2nd angel standing in the opposite directions (so the glory of God would cover all the highway both onto the highway and away from the highway into the darkness!!!!!!.) I will contu to pray and see what God says. God Bless, Margot

  4. I am reading your book and I am completely heart broken. I am 14 and to think there are girls the same age as me and even younger living this life is unbelievable this book has changed my life and the way that I view things. I am praying for you all and the work you are doing.

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