Thank you to US non-profit Bizlanthropy for delivering this compelling insight into Meninadança’s work with at-risk girls, directed by filmmaker Jeremy Mines.

The documentary captures life at the Pink House during two weeks in 2014 in which a team of American hip hop dance teachers visited our project in Medina.

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  1. Hi!

    My name is Melanie, I am a 32 year old Brazilian who was adopted at 3 months old and was brought up in Quebec Canada. I was one of the fortunate ones, obviously. I own a Bachelor degree in social work and I wish to develop a social enterprise. My goal is to take girls just like the one we see in the videos, who are just so young, it is heartbreaking and help them take back their freedom and dignity.

    To do so, I am currently developping a network of contacts of other social enterprise with similar purpose. For example, the women from BeFreedom make and sells bags and cottons made by women who used to work in the streets. SocialGem artisants create and sells jewelry enabling girls to go to school. International Princess Project make and sells clothing to the US who distributes them and the money goes to educating and giving work to the girls and women who were sold for sex.

    So, through the establishment of partnerships I hope to be able to support their cause and sell their products on a my website I am bulding. When I decided to setting my heart and soul on such and adventure, I wanted to support a cause that would be so intuitive to me and when I read articles and watched documentaries, like the one on Menina Pink house, I knew I found my calling. I want to help others but I would even prefer to create a project that instead of only donating money to your wonderful cause, could help the beneficiaries become more involved.

    So please keep on doing your extraordinary work. The clock is ticking, sex traffic is in growth and with the 2016 Olympics, there is a lot of damages to dignity to prevent.



  2. Dancing isn’t really my area but sexual abuse is. Well, out of all the human rights issues sexual abuse and slavery are the ones that mostly get under my skin. It’s a fantastic film and very sad. It’s certainly very inspiring. I wish I could help them. Well done. Continue with your good work. God bless.

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